Hamara dhoobi Quick Fixes to Wash Away Makeup Stains

It’s safe to say that makeup stains are the bane of any girl’s existence. Raise your hands if this has ever happened with you. You’re adding the finishing touch to your perfect work-look and end up getting lipstick onto your clothes or you’re switching outfits before your Saturday night date, only to see your eyeshadow or mascara smudged on your shirt.

A lot of hard work and time goes in to get your look on-point and just when you’re about done, somehow, you end up messing your outfit in the process. We understand that these stains are not fun to deal with and a ridiculous amount of energy goes in to remove them.

Beauty comes at a great price, but it doesn’t have to be this high. So, we have some handy quick-fixes for you to deal with these stains for when they pop-up at the most inopportune of times:

While these quick-fixes will help you get through the day, call hamara dhoobi, your laundry superhero to help you with your everyday laundry load. Download our app to experience premium laundry and dry-cleaning services.

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